Confidentiality Policy

Reviewed the 20th of june of 2017

This agreement provides information about the work of the information centre ELIRTEX LIMITED (from this point forward ELIRTEX) with user's personal details


What does the privacy policy include?

The privacy policy is applied to the personal information provided by the users of while they use their services. “Personal information” means any information related to the user name or login. For example, email address, payment details, date of birth, contact details and any other information shown in the personal profile.

The privacy policy is not applied to the information that the user publishes about himself on resources of third parties, even if it contains official pages of ELIRTEX or if through these resources the legal representatives contact the user and ask questions of any kind. Those resources include social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other websites. Those resources have their own privacy policy which is not related to the privacy policy of the web page

We put special emphasis in the fact that the website of the company is limited to users older than 18 years old. if you have not reached this age, you have no right to sign up, sign in, provide personal information to the company or use our services.


Use of user’s personal information

The user’s personal information is processed for the ELIRTEX information centre. With your help the company sends the useful information related with events, news and new types of service to the users. ELIRTEX also reserves the right of use the user’s personal data to provide promotional materials. It is also allowed to use of the data provided by the user for another purpose in company's interests, according to the law. Among them are prevention of fraud, resolution of disputes, strengthening of relations with our customers, etc.

ELIRTEX has the right to distribute gathered information presented in form of report and not related with the names or log in of the users.


The protection of your personal information.

The company ELIRTEX completely protects the user’s personal information to prevent the access of third parties.



if you have any question about the privacy policy and the security of the personal information of your account, you can submit a request by making contact with us using the contact information in the web page “contact us”. If you would like to access your account or change any personal details you can also do it through the same page.

ELIRTEX developed a set of measures that allow to verify the user’s identity that pretends to login into the personal account. ELIRTEX reserves the right to take the necessary measures if the user requests access or correction to the personal data. Our company also reserves the right to use the personal details that the user provided to contact them in an emergency to discuss terms related with their personal details.

ELIRTEX legal representatives can modify, delete or add any privacy policy term without prior notice. By using the services of the web page you indicate that you accept the changes that can be made. However, if conditions are added to the privacy policy with which you do not agree, you will have to stop using the company's services in the future.

This text of user agreement includes rules and conditions (from this point forward, terms of use) in which ELIRTEX LIMITED (ELIRTEX) provide services, as well as the website and all the functionalities. the company can make changes in this agreement at any time without prior notice. This document is relevant for other internet resources that belong to ELIRTEX.

The company’s legal representatives reserve the right to answer the user’s questions that are made in third parties websites, that contain the official accounts of ELIRTEX. In particular: FACEBOOK, PLUS.GOOGLE.COM, INSTAGRAM.COM, TWITTER.COM, BITCOINTALK.ORG. Keep in mind that the resources listed before are not under control or in administration of ELIRTEX. Therefore this agreement does not apply for them.

When making the decision to use any functionality on the website , you automatically confirm your agreement with all the clauses of this agreement, as well as the privacy policy of the website. If you can't agree with any of the articles listed in the first or second document, you must stop using the services of ELIRTEX and the official resource.

In addition by using the website you automatically confirm your agreement that ELIRTEX at any moment can make the adjustments to the document that it considers necessary.

ELIRTEX reserves the right to not notify you about the changes. It is the responsibility of the user to monitor changes to this policy.