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12/14/2018 12:00:00 AM
Elirtex branded stickers - the second series in Telegram

The first series of Elirtex stickers in the Telegram messenger has gained immense popularity among our users and not only. Funny and interesting pictures came to taste, and therefore we decided to please you again. We present a brand new free series of stickers with the Elirtex company logo, which will take a worthy place among your favorite "stickers."

Download our pictures and get advanced communication features. Express your emotions, decorate messages and just make your dialogs as informative as possible with our branded stickers. Your messages will become more interesting, and the Elirtex company - even more recognizable. Download new stickers right now.

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12/11/2018 12:00:00 AM
Results of the competition of comments from Elirtex

We remind you that on December 11 at 12:00 GMT the competition of comments was closed. And right now we are ready to announce the winners. We’ve thoroughly checked the comments of our contestants and made sure that they fulfilled all the conditions of the competition. So financial bonuses from Elitrex by right go to:

1st place - Rezeda

2nd place - Lera79

3rd place - el8896

4th place - el355565

5th place - el858623

6th place - el479694

7th place - Brmohamed

We thank most diligent and attentive partners of our company for their work. Prizes in the amount mentioned are already on your balances. Elirtex also appreciates the efforts of all participants. If today you've failed to become the owner of a great bonus, then stay tuned. Participate in our new contests and be among the first to find out about new ways to earn money.

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12/8/2018 12:00:00 AM
Turkish language is now available - new improvements from Elirtex

To further improve the platform it's been decided by the Elirtex team to expand the language bar. And today our site has the Turkish language version. It's enough to make just two mouse clicks, and all the information on our platform will be displayed in Turkish.

We are extremely responsive to the needs of our partners. Having noted high activity among the population of Turkey, we've decided to make our platform even more convenient for Turkish speakers.

Choose your native language - take 100%-advantage of all the possibilities provided. If the flag of your country is still not on the language bar, don't forget to write about it in the comments.

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12/7/2018 12:00:00 AM
Recruitment page has been added - worthy job for the best specialists

Due to the high popularity and increasing interest in Elirtex from investors from all over the world our company is constantly growing. For this reason we regularly need new employees who can ensure the stable work of our platform and its rapid development. The list of current vacancies is always available on our new page.

If you want to become part of a friendly and successful team with the prospect of career growth, send us your resume. You can apply by filling out the form on “About Us” page. We’ll contact all the candidates who'll seem the most interesting to us. In response, Elirtex guarantees loyal terms of cooperation and high payment.

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12/6/2018 12:00:00 AM
Results of photo contest from Elirtex

We're glad to announce that another contest from Elirtex, under the terms of which it was necessary to take a photo of your dream and share it with us, has come to an end. Members of our community offered lots of interesting and creative ideas, so it was very difficult to identify the top ten winners. However, we've coped with this task and are happy to announce the names of the participants whose photos and comments seemed to us the most original and worthy of attention. So our winners are:

1. el608234 - 0.1 BTC

2. luckypablo - 0.08 BTC

3. nicolas_inversiones - 0.07 BTC

4. el456082 - 0.05 BTC

5. abraham2000 - 0.05 BTC

6. 4difeer666 - 0.05 BTC

7. el535794 - 0.05 BTC

8. tshomko - 0.05 BTC

9. el479694 - 0.05 BTC

10. mistergold - 0.05 BTC

All our lucky users have already received a financial bonus from Elirtex to their personal balance. We congratulate the winners and wish you not to stop there. To all other participants who haven't received valuable prizes from our company today, we recommend that you stay tuned all the time. Contests, surprises and joyful events are waiting for you!

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12/5/2018 12:00:00 AM
A new Omega plan has been added: 122% in 28 days

To provide Elirtex partners with even more income options, we have created a profitable plan called Omega. If you make a deposit in the new plan, your income in 28 days will be 122%. Accrual to your personal balance will begin immediately after investing in the platform and will last 4 weeks.

On the working days you’ll get 5.7% of the initial investment to your account and on weekends it will be 1%. You can withdraw your funds or make savings. Now there are three Elirtex plans available to you. Choose the best investment method for you or use all opportunities at the same time.

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12/4/2018 12:00:00 AM
New competition from Elirtex - we give 0.2 BTC for comments

December is the month of long-awaited holidays and pleasant surprises. And wishing to please our partners at this time of waiting for a miracle the Elirtex team announces another competition. Get high bonuses for writing the biggest number of positive reviews about our platform on the forums:


The terms of participation:

1. Write real and unique reviews on the forums above in the Elirtex threads.

2. Attach a screen or a batch proving the fact of payment or the creation of a deposit.

3. Post a referral link and an original call to action in the comments.

4. Record your comments by filling out the Google form at the link:

5. The more - the better: try to post more reviews in different forums.

Posting comments, keep in mind that one proof of your withdrawal or creation of a deposit is used only once for one forum. In addition, you should alternate your reviews with comments of other participants: placing two reviews in a row from one participant is prohibited.

Three participants who left the biggest number of comments and fulfilled all the conditions at the same time will become the owners of bonuses from the company -  0.2 BTC in total. The prize fund is distributed as follows:

1st place - 0.07 
2nd place - 0.05
3rd place - 0.03
4th place - 0.02
5th place - 0.01
6th place - 0.01
7th place - 0.01

The competition will finish at 12:00 UTC on December 11, 2018, and after that we'll publish the results and transfer the bonuses to the accounts of our winners within 24 hours. Good luck!

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12/3/2018 12:00:00 AM
Perfect Money payment system has been added

Providing comfortable working environment on our online platform Elirtex is constantly expanding the list of ways to invest. We are glad to inform you that from now on one of the most popular payment systems Perfect Money has become available for use. Now you can invest in our platform in the most stable world currency - US dollars.

Due to the high reliability of the system you receive additional guarantees for the security of your capital, provided you use Perfect Money. From now on you will be able to invest your savings in our platform immediately, without intermediate exchange operations. Use 100% of your possibilities and the result will inspire you to new achievements.

Please note that in order for the released update to work correctly, you need to clear the cache of your browser.

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12/1/2018 12:00:00 AM
Polish has been added - one more step forward

Due to the high activity of our partners from Poland as well as due to the numerous requests of the Elirtex website users we’re further expanding the language bar. Today our platform has been adapted to one of the official languages of the European Union - Polish. We've prepared a high-quality translation of the interface and features of the site, which can be switched to in just two mouse clicks.

The Elirtex team  takes into account the wishes of all partners. That's why we ask you to write to the support service or in the comments to this post and tell us about the addition of what language you'd like to learn from our next similar news. Be sure to express your opinion and improve the Elirtex platform with us.

Elirtex - progress in every action!

11/29/2018 12:00:00 AM
Dogecoin has been added - new prospects to make your money grow

Elirtex regularly opens up new prospects for its partners and is constantly improving the platform. And today we are pleased to inform you that now you can invest in Dogecoin. This very promising cryptocurrency, a fork of Litecoin, is a profitable direction for investment.

If you keep funds in Dogecoin, now you have the opportunity to increase the amount of savings. Invest in our platform quickly and easily. This innovation is available for each partner so take advantage of your opportunities.

Elirtex - your way forward!

11/28/2018 12:00:00 AM
Photo competition from Elirtex at 0.5 BTC - capture your dream

The results of “Guess the BTC Price” competition have shown high interest of Elirtex partners in it. Many of our subscribers made their predictions and took an active part in the discussions. And to please you again we launch another competition.

Elirtex offers unlimited opportunities of getting income. Take a photo of the desired purchase or service on which you plan to spend the money earned in our company. Then like post in our Facebook page and leave a comment under it which must necessarily contain:

1. A photo of the object of your dreams

2. Name of the planned purchase or service

3. Your unique referral link

Only comments posted before 12:00 UTC on December 6th, 2018 will participate in the competition. According to the results which will be announced within 24 hours we'll give 0.5 BTC to the authors of the most original comments. The prize pool is distributed as follows:

1st place - 0.1 BTC or $ 400

2nd place - 0.08 BTC or $ 320

3rd place - 0.07 BTC or $ 280

4th - 10th places - at 0.05 BTC or $ 200

Share your dream with us and get a nice bonus to make it come true. Show your imagination and luck will certainly be on your side!

11/27/2018 12:00:00 AM
The Thai language has been added - upgrade of the Elirtex platform

The Thai language has been added - upgrade of the Elirtex platform

To adapt the site to the needs of partners from all over the world the Elirtex platform is constantly expanding its language bar. And this time, according to numerous requests from users in Thailand, we are adding the Thai language. Now even more of our partners will be able to experience true comfort working with us.

Smart and simple interface of the platform has become even more convenient for some of our partners. To switch to the Thai language it's enough to make just two mouse clicks: click on the language bar and then select the appropriate flag. Check out our high-level service right now.

If the language bar doesn't have the flag you need, be sure to let us know. Leave a comment or write a letter to our support team mentioning to which language you'd like to see our platform translated next time. We are waiting for your requests.

Elirtex - care in every action!

11/26/2018 12:00:00 AM
Litecoin's been added - turning silver into gold

Since the moment of its launch Elirtex has been continuously expanding its features and possibilities. To ensure the most productive and convenient work for all partners Litecoin has become available on our platform. This innovation opens up completely new prospects for each of us.

Litecoin is one of the very first forks of Bitcoin positioned as a silver cryptocurrency. Now you can create deposits and withdraw funds from our platform in LTC. Having correctly disposed of the coins you will not only protect your capital from the rate volatility but also increase your income by turning silver into gold.

Elirtex never rests satisfied with what has already been achieved that's why we're going to expand the list of available currencies in the very near future. Write in the comments with which cryptocurrency it would be convenient for you to work on our platform. The wishes of the company's partners will surely be taken into account.

Elirtex - simple alchemy of your earnings!

11/24/2018 12:00:00 AM
Corporate stickers in Telegram - a new way of the Elirtex promotion

Corporate stickers in Telegram - a new way of the Elirtex promotion

Our company has prepared a pleasant surprise for its partners. All users of the popular Telegram messenger can now download for free a unique series of stickers from Elirtex. With us your communication will become brighter and more emotional. Start using stickers with the company logo now:

Original pictures from Elirtex for all occasions will cheer up you and your friends. In addition, stickers designed specifically for our company are an effective tool for attracting new referrals. We are glad to open before you even more new prospects.

Elirtex - simple solutions, great results!

11/23/2018 12:00:00 AM
Results of the competition “Guess the BTC Price” - congratulations to the winners

Results of the competition “Guess the BTC Price” - congratulations to the winners

Elirtex officially announces the end of the competition our company has launched on the eve of Black Friday. According to the previously announced conditions, five participants who predicted as precisely as possible the BTC rate at 12:00 GMT on November 23rd, 2018 are rewarded with pleasant bonuses. We are glad to announce the winners:

1st place - 0.05 BTC: cryptonotic

2nd place - 0.03 BTC: el608234

3rd place - 0.02 BTC: el479694

4th-5th place - 0.01 BTC: el193041, el824618

6th-10th place - 0.005 BTC: el951152, earodriguez, Brmohamed, luckypablo, el416992

11th-20th place - 0.003 BTC: el237079, boasideiasbitcoin, el374004, el259013, el462694, hugofranco, hansumbunnie, usman3517, dellton2, el958949

On behalf of the entire company we congratulate the lucky owners of valuable prizes from Elirtex. The bonuses, in the amounts mentioned above, have been transferred to the balances of our winners' accounts. We also thank all the participants of our competition and believe that next time luck will certainly be on your side. Stay tuned not to miss interesting competitions and opportunities.

Elirtex - your happy tomorrow!