Terms of use and AML policy

Revision of 20 June 2017

This text of the user agreement includes rules and conditions (hereinafter - terms of use) at which Elirtex LIMITED (Elirtex) provides services, as well as access to the site https://elirtex.com/ and all its functionalities. The Company may at any time, without prior notice, make any changes to this agreement. This document is relevant for other Internet resources belonging to Elirtex.

Representatives of the company reserve the right to answer users on their questions, which were asked on third-party sites, where the official Elirtex accounts are created and maintained. In particular: FACEBOOK.COM, PLUS.GOOGLE.COM, INSTAGRAM.COM, TWITTER.COM, BITCOINTALK.ORG. Please note that the resources listed above are not under the control or management of Elirtex. And, as a consequence, this user agreement does not apply to them.

Making a decision to use any functionality of the site https://elirtex.com/, you automatically confirm your agreement with all the clauses of this agreement, as well as the site's privacy policy. If any of the listed items of one or the second document causes your disagreement, you must stop using the services of Elirtex and its official resource. Also, using the site https://elirtex.com/, you automatically confirm your agreement that Elirtex at any time can make those adjustments to the document that it deems necessary.

Elirtex reserves the right not to notify of changes. The user must himself pay attention to the changes, by reading this agreement.


Any information located on the site https://elirtex.com/, whether textual or graphic (texts, design, logos, button icons, pictures, audio and video data), as well as software that ensures the operability and functionality of the resource, entirely and are fully protected by copyright © 2017 Elirtex.

All the content of the site is fully protected by international copyright laws and is the property of Elirtex LIMITED (c).

Use of site content

The content on the site, as well as its functionality, can be used by users solely under this agreement and the privacy policy. Also, using the site, you agree that you do not have the right to copy or distribute its information, except for those situations that are provided by this document.

Preserving rights

Elirtex reserves the right to refuse to provide services by blocking access to the site https://elirtex.com/ without giving any reasons. The company also reserves the right to change the list of services provided, without notifying the users in advance.

Elirtex does not transfer information about users to third parties, except as provided by law, and also if it is required for:

- litigation;
- compliance with the terms of use;
- personal, technical or legal security of Elirtex, its employees, its users or the public.

Protection against fraud

Elirtex has adopted a number of payment processing rules, within which the company's specialists monitor all financial transactions to prevent fraud or other illegal activities. If there is a suspicion that any payment is being made for the purpose of illegal or fraudulent actions, the company reserves the right to refuse processing the payment. These security measures are forced and directed solely at the protection of our customers, as well as, directly, the company itself.

Elirtex is not liable in cases where the user loses money due to the theft of his personal data or the provision of a password to third parties for the purpose of sharing the account. We recommend never sharing personal information with third parties.

Return policy

The specialists of the company study each request for a refund if it was submitted in a timely manner and without violating this agreement.

Elirtex reserves the right to refuse refunds in the absence of valid arguments or based on the decision of the technical department.

Consideration of disputes in which there was no consensus between the user and Elirtex company is carried out in a court of law by a court that has competent jurisdiction. If the court in its decision announces the invalidity of any clause of the terms of use, this does not apply to other items that retain their legal force.

General Provisions

Agreeing with the terms of use, you automatically confirm the fact that according to the legislation of the country of which you are a citizen, you have reached the age of majority.


AML policy

The online platform ELIRTEX is a financial service that provides investment opportunities and obeys the obligations of comply the laws against the money laundering and any other activity that contributes the money laundering, terrorist or criminal activities. (onwards AML policy)

ELIRTEX Limited commits to do everything possible to find entities that use the functionality of our web resource and our accounts for the illegal or fraudulent purpose in any jurisdiction. The website administration resource carries out a monitor of regular financial transactions to prevent the use of ELIRTEX platform to money laundering.


According to the requirements of AML policy, we need to process information that confirms the client identity and the operations that are carried out on the platform at the request of government agencies:


Structure of the legislative power;

Executive power structures or similar ministries;

Judicial structure.

Law enforcement agencies, including the police, customs, etc

The financial intelligence unit

Supervisory authorities, including the central bank.

The resource administration reserves the right to request additional information to verify the identity of the client at any stage of the use of our platform.

ELIRTEX has the right to notify to the government and agencies the illegal use of funds that are contrary to the principles of AML policy. In accordance with international right, the resource administration is not obligated to inform the client of governmental departments notifications and other interested parties on the client suspicious activities and reserve the right of decline to process any transaction in any stage, where signs of money laundering or criminal activity are revealed.

The web resource administration reserves the right to request information from the client as a result of the verification process, for research purposes, which may be related to the actions of the client or another user, or as a result of a random process to check some functions of the platform. In the latter case, we may request information from the client not as a result of any doubt, without providing information or explanations.