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11/28/2018 12:00:00 AM

Photo competition from Elirtex at 0.5 BTC - capture your dream

The results of “Guess the BTC Price” competition have shown high interest of Elirtex partners in it. Many of our subscribers made their predictions and took an active part in the discussions. And to please you again we launch another competition.

Elirtex offers unlimited opportunities of getting income. Take a photo of the desired purchase or service on which you plan to spend the money earned in our company. Then like post in our Facebook page and leave a comment under it which must necessarily contain:

1. A photo of the object of your dreams

2. Name of the planned purchase or service

3. Your unique referral link

Only comments posted before 12:00 UTC on December 6th, 2018 will participate in the competition. According to the results which will be announced within 24 hours we'll give 0.5 BTC to the authors of the most original comments. The prize pool is distributed as follows:

1st place - 0.1 BTC or $ 400

2nd place - 0.08 BTC or $ 320

3rd place - 0.07 BTC or $ 280

4th - 10th places - at 0.05 BTC or $ 200

Share your dream with us and get a nice bonus to make it come true. Show your imagination and luck will certainly be on your side!